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Grow Your Vision
for your
Self-Storage Facility

Atom-22 is one of the top installing dealer/distributors of self-storage proprietary security and low-voltage systems in North America. Our team has been part of the self-storage industry for more than 15 years now, and we've shaped our skillset and product offering to specifically support self-storage owners and operators.

Our one-stop-shop approach to self-storage integrations allows us to solve a variety of problems for our clients and automate or expedite a number of day-to-day processes. Some of those include:

-Access Control (manage customers access through gates, loading bays, etc.)

          code in keypads (simplest method of access)

          prox tags to sell for additional revenue

          wireless fob access (great for RV clients that don't want to get out and walk around)

          mobile access via NFC or Bluetooth for your tech forward facilities

-Integrated property management software into the access control (SiteLink, SSM, etc.)

-Unit security

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